Who We Are

Founded in 2007, Lotus Applied Technology was formed through a spinoff of the thin film process group within Planar Systems, Inc., a pioneer in Atomic Layer Deposition technology and manufacturing. Housed in a fully dedicated 20,000 square foot thin film processing and R&D facility in Hillsboro, Oregon, our team of technologists has been working together for over 20 years, developing innovative solutions to thin film processing challenges.  Our equipment set includes a wide array of thin film deposition, lithography, and patterning equipment, including a versatile set of ALD equipment:

  • Six P400 Conventional Pulse-Based Batch ALD reactors
  • Roll to Roll ALD Research Scale Reactor
  • TransFlex Roll to Roll ALD Pilot Scale Reactor
  • Vortex Rotary Batch Reactor



What We Do

At Lotus, we have merged our deep roots in traditional high speed thin film deposition technologies with ALD to invent and develop radical new ways to achieve the unique attributes of ALD films at speeds and costs normally associated with evaporation or sputtering processes. We provide our clients with the process technology to lower the costs of applications already served by ALD, and to open up new opportunities in applications previously not accessible with ALD. With key patents granted and additional patents pending, along with many years of accumulated know how and trade secrets, we provide a broad base of innovative ALD technology to apply to the most technically demanding and cost-sensitive thin film applications.

We don’t manufacture coating equipment at Lotus.  Rather, we deliver our unique technology in collaboration with specialty thin film coating equipment manufacturers – either our existing partners, or the equipment supplier of your choice.