TransFlex Roll to Roll ALD by Lotus Applied Technology

Our unique patented technology for roll to roll ALD achieves high speed, low cost deposition in a remarkably simple way.  We simply weave the flexible substrate back and forth between physically separated precursors regions, as illustrated by animation:

Operating under medium vacuum pressure similar to that used for conventional ALD, precursor separation is easily maintained by differential pressure and pumping, allowing large open passageways in the separation plates for the web to pass through.  The long path distances afforded by this architecture through each ALD cycle elements allows for extremely high web speeds, up to several meters per second.  And the use of direct plasma instead of water allows us to maintain those speeds even at low substrate temperatures.

Another patented innovation, which we call Precursor “Separation” by Radical Deactivation further simplifies the system.  As seen in the animation, the gas used for the oxygen plasma also serves as the purge gas.  However, due to radical deactivation, the gas is rendered inert prior to reaching the precursor zones, maintaining pure ALD growth.

TransFlex ALD offers:

  • Direct compatibility with continuous Roll to Roll processing at speeds up to 100 meters per minute.
  • Simplified processing and maintenance.  Only the web surface is coated – no film accumulation on other reactor surfaces!
  • High precursor utilization.
  • Film properties consistent with conventional ALD coatings.

Using our original research reactor since 2008, and now ramping up to our pilot scale reactor since 2012, we’re developing a family of low temperature ALD processes for a wide variety of applications, with an initial focus on gas diffusion barrier coatings on polymer web.

To learn more about our Roll to Roll ALD Technology, please read our white paper: TransFlex ALD by Lotus

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