Lotus’ TransFlex Roll to Roll ALD technology is ideally suited to the deposition of relatively thin ALD films, where high performance, high volume, and low coating cost are all critical.

  • Ultra-Barrier films for Flexible Electronics.  We’ve demonstrated barrier performance and low coating costs suitable for several specific end products, including:
    • OLED lighting
    • OLED displays
    • CIGS photovoltaics and OP
    • Electronic paper
  • High Barrier Films for commercial packaging.  We’ve demonstrated barrier deposition speeds of over 5 meters per second, with projected costs of a few cents per square meter.  Because the barrier coating is very thin, it is also more flexible that conventional evaporated or sputtered coatings,  making the technology suitable for demanding commercial applications including:
    • Military and emergency packaging, including MRE’s
    • Medical packaging
    • Long shelf life food packaging
  • Functional films for flexible electronics, including:
    • Oxide semiconductors for displays
    • Gate dielectrics for displays and other flexible electronics
    • Transparent Conductive Oxides
    • Antistatic coatings

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