Today, we’re not just making ALD faster, we’re changing the fundamental way it’s deposited, unlocking new applications where cost and throughput are critical.  Since 2008, we have pushed the state of the art in high speed and roll to roll ALD, continuously improving throughput and driving down deposition costs.


First ALD film deposition on polymers using substrate motion


First true Roll to Roll PEALD


Single sided ultra-barriers with thickness < 12nm


Roll to Roll ultra-barriers with thickness < 6nm, at 15 m/min web speed


Roll to Roll TransFlex ALD ramp to Pilot scale reactor for ultra-barriers


Ramp of Vortex rotary batch reactor


Vortex batch deposition speeds in excess of 5 Å/second for SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2


Roll to Roll ultra-barrier films with thickness < 7nm, at 475 m/min web speed


Precursor utilization in excess of 90%, while retaining high conformality for Vortex ALD

Our intellectual property portfolio includes fundamental granted patents in equipment architecture and deposition methods, including roll to roll systems and plasma-based batch systems.  Patent applications are also pending for a variety of enhancements that improve throughput and lower costs, and for new materials systems for ultra-high barrier films with unmatched single layer performance for films as thin as 4-8 nm.  Our patent reach extends worldwide, with granted and pending patents in the US, Europe, Korea, China, Brazil, and Japan.